Monday, October 29, 2007

The baby did drop!

I had my 34 week apointment this week. At the last 2 appointments I was measuring 3plus weeks bigger then I should have been. This week I am 1 week big. Dr. felt for the baby's head and sure enough! The baby did drop into my pelvis last weekend! Dont know how significant this is, but it assures me that the baby is maturing and getting ready to come into the world.

Also at my appointment we were gonna do a flu shot. I mentioned I was ill the night before.... TMI ALERT!! with diahrea and nausea (diahrea cramps during pregnancy are horrible!!!! OUCH!). So they took my temp because if you have a fever you cant get the flu shot. I had a fever. They insisted I go home from work to rest and rehydrate my body. I did not feel that horrible at that time..... in the whole scheme of how I feel quite crappy on a day to day basis today wasnt so bad. But shortly I got more achey and noticed I was sweating and I have that fever headache too. So, I think it was for the best that I got alot of rest. I feel bad for putting work in a bind...... but I am 34 weeks pregnant and ill. It wasnt a good idea to fight out the day at work feeling ill.

I think my nurse and Dr. both enjoyed warming thier cold hands on my super hot belly.... It took them a long time to get thier measurments and feel for the babies head. LOL. I do have to say I enjoyed the cold hands on my hot belly! Time is flying. My next appointment will be in 2 weeks. After that I see them weekly till the baby is here. YIKES!

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