Wednesday, October 10, 2007

life lesson #102

I am almost embarrassed to admit this story.

Chris tore into our dishwasher again yesterday. Concluding it was a $100 part that needed to be replaced. This dishwasher is 14 years old, and VERY basic. A new one just like it would be $200. So, not worth fixing. We set out to shop for a new one, and hopefully one with some more features.

We first went to sears. Learned all about dishwashers and narrowed down to what we liked. Then we went to Furniture and Appliance Mart, about 30 minutes away. They have been advertising that they are moving, and everything must go. Best prices ever and so on. So, we looked at what they had. The salesman was really helpful, and we feel he was honest too. We both liked one that is quiet, has delay start, split baskets, superbly energy efficient, and you can even wash half a load. The sticker said WAS $695, now $425. We got him to $395, and felt like we were getting a steal. So we took it home.

As we were walking out of the store, we went by the exact couch I purchased elsewhere 2 years ago. The sticker said it WAS $899, and it was now $xxxx, the exact price I paid 2 years ago when it was not on sale elsewhere. Right then I thought, oh crap.... we may have just gotten ripped off.

As soon as I got home, I went to and looked up the exact same model. they have our dishwasher regular price for $399! Looked at a few other places, all the same price. I told chris, he was so angry. So we debated what to do. It was in our kitchen, and we like it. We did not get a deal, but we did not get over charged either.

We installed it, and still like it. We think what the store did was bad business, marking it up like that and putting it on a must go sales, lowest price ever and then selling it for regular price. And we will NEVER shop there again, and discourage others from shopping there. We learned too, not to trust what the little handwritten sale signs are telling us either.

Live and Learn.....

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