Friday, October 2, 2009

what do you think?

There are some nights that B wakes up at about 3 or 4 wide awake and not wanting to go to bed. Seems like he wants to watch TV when he gets up. Last night it happened again! While driving to work I was pondering why he thinks its time to wake up? What do you think of this? When he does sleep all night, he usually wakes at about 6am. He gets up, I give him a cup of juice, and let him watch Curious George. Is he getting up, thinking it is time to get up and watch curious george?

Any ideas of what changes I can make so he goes back to sleep? I dont let him watch TV at 3am when he wakes. I try to get him back to sleep, with no luck, then let him play. Should I change that morning routine? to what?

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Sarah R said...

That is just messed up! I think I would go insane. Once Andrew woke up really early (like 5:00 or something, which is early for him) and I was like, WTF. So I just put him in the living room and turned on PBS Kids and went back to sleep...then he just took an earlier than normal nap. It never happened again though.

Your tag made me laugh, by the way!