Sunday, October 4, 2009

some things I am not cut out for in a job

1. Working side by side w/ the same person monday-friday every week. ACK. I seriously dont know how people do it without going postal!
2. Working strictly Monday-Friday. Its depressing to me to waste sunday dreading monday. Then all I do is look forward to fridays. For the last 6 years I have been working a mixed up shift including some weekends, and have never worked monday-friday like I am right now.
3. Working mixed up shifts. :p
4. Working in family businesses. My bloggy friends probably dont know this about me. I grew up in a family business. Earth moving, construction. Think dozers and dump trucks. Everyone in my family works there now but me. My dad is the big cheif, my mom works in the office, so does my sister. Her hubby is an estimater, so is one of my brothers. My other brother is a truck driver. I dont know how they do it every day and remain civilized at family functions. But now, I find myself a non-family member in a family business.


Sarah R said...

I love Monday through Friday, but yes, I too waste Sundays dreading Monday. I hate the feeling at about 2:00 on Sunday when you KNOW what's coming so you feel all depressed. Yuck.

I don't think I could work with my family!!!

Sarah R said...

I tagged you in my blog!