Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I hope its....

.... a boy
because I understand the "boy thing" (well, to a degree anyway)
because I have a ton of barely worn baby clothes with trucks.
so Brady could have a brother.
because boys seem like they could be a bit easier.

.... a girl
because I love the girls name we have picked out
so I can experience raising a girl too.
so Brady could have a sister.
because I always thought it would be cool to grow up with a big brother.


Sarah R said...

I gotta disagree with boys seem easier! LOL, I hope my girl is a tad bit calmer.

I was the same way as you--I didn't care either way because there were definite positives to both.

Are you guys done at two?

Sarah said...

sarah, good point on the girls seem calmer- I was skipping ahead to the teenage years!

(boy or girl, I'd like one that sleeps!)

Chris thinks we are done (remember prego brain, we had this talk when I was asking you about BC?) and I am not sure yet. However, that questions shouldnt be asked to a prego or a mom to a newborn because the answer is usually going to be HELL YES. ;)

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Your are very prego and you are still considering another one already. When I was very preg, I was like not for a heck of a long time.


Sarah R said...

Haha, yeah--I didn't forget the conversation; I just thought maybe you had changed your mind (the way I read this post).

I'll ask you again when your baby is in the REALLY cute and sweet stage! ;)