Tuesday, October 20, 2009

sorry to dissapoint

my loyal readers- I am just too wiped to blog.

But a quick update- went to ob today, because I was concerned about the contractions- they said because they quite w/ laying down that all is ok. They didnt do an internal, and on a contraction stand point I feel better today.

They were very concerned about my exposure to H1N1. I got my h1n1 flu shot and a precription of Tamiflu to take on a preventative basis. In the mean time, I feel like doodie. Could be exhaustion, flu, flu shot, tamiflu, many reasons, but just doodie.


Sarah R said...

I'm sorry you feel so crappy!!! I hope you don't have flu. Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Soon it will all be over. Then you will be so exhausted . . . .again. Chasing B and caring for baby. But it is all worth it when you are snuggling them both up.