Thursday, October 8, 2009

33 weeks

I am 33 weeks and a couple days I think. This pregnancy is so different from the last. for one thing, I knew to the day where I was, I can hardly recall the week!

I think I am carrying this baby lower, for at least a month now I have been having lots of leg pain. Hopefully my legs will still be able to support me by the end of this pregnancy! The pain I dont understand, is the constant inner thiegh aches. Like sore muscles on both legs. No matter what I do, it is there. Otherwise, the normal Sciatic Nerve pain, charlie horses. The ECP is bad (short for Evil Crotch Pain), no idea just WHAT that really is, but it sucks and it is worry some. Last time, my hemi's didnt bother me till the very end (sorry, TMI!) but this time around..... YEOUCH! I wish I could remember the names I had given them 2 years ago... thinking one was Hilga.... Otherwise, still have that tender belly button going on. Dr. said it might be a herneated bellybutton, but there is nothing I can do about it anyway, so who really cares what it is called.

I am doing good on the weight gain, as of last week just 13 lbs! Last baby- I gained 45-50 total. However this time I feel like I have gained 100.

Last time, the nursery was set up and ready by now. this time, LOL, it is a storage room still. The crib isnt built, neither is the changing table. No clothes are out and ready. But I learned last time, all you really need is a boob. The rest will work out and we'll be fine.

It is a fun experience going thru this pregnancy with a toddler. Seeing things thru his eyes and wondering what he thinks and understands. He can be really caring and rub my belly and give it kisses at times. He is understanding what gentle means, finally! such a boy. At the same time, being pregnant with a toddler is incredibly exhausting!

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Sarah R said...

I am dreading that this time I will have more aches and pains than last time. :( But it is all worth it! :)

I haven't done anything as far as a room goes--I figure the first 3 months, she'll be in the bassinet next to my bed, and I can worry about the rest later. Poor girl is going to have "boy" bedding. That's okay! I might just pick up a couple pink sheets for the crib and call it good. I would like to turn our back bedroom (the junk/storage room now) into her bedroom someday.