Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Growth Chart

This turned out better then I expected! The growth chart itself is from Upper Case Living. They have some very cute growth charts, like a giraffe, baseball bat, fishing pole, corn stalk. But this bloom one was the one I had to have! (this is a growth chart more for me then for my kids.)

The blue dragon fly marks Brady's 18month height. Next time I order from UCL I will get some letters taht say 18months. I am a bad mommy, and cant find B's 12month height- so I will get that from the. I have an orange butterfly to mark the heights of child #2. At the top, I will put the kids names. So, a work in progress. I will probably add some more colored butterflys, like you see around 4' high.

Chris made the framed board for me because I couldnt bear placing the stickers on the wall and loosing them someday to a new paint color. He did a great job!


Cate said...

I love it! That is so beautiful.

Sarah R said...

That is awesome! :)