Saturday, October 31, 2009

long 36 hours

The last 36 hours have been trying. Brady has an ear infection, sinus infection, and gigantic tonsils. He had one of those fevers that wasnt very high, but tylonol/advil wasnt bringing it down. So he was miserable.

It was quite hard on me, being MASSIVE and 36.5 weeks pregnant. He was clingy and wanted mom! More so, he didnt want to lay down- he wanted to be upright. The recliner doesnt work anymore, my belly is too big, and laying down is tough because he puts all sorts of pressure on my back trying to prop himself. He didnt really care, and bawled if I wasnt holding him in some way and upright. You could tell he was miserable. Yesterday morning, we somehow got a stretch of sleep from 6-10, and I neglected to call in before 8, so there were some worried people waiting to hear from me.

He wouldnt nap all day. He would go to sleep at night. He was a beast. At 12:30am I loaded us up in the truck, and took a drive till he fell alseep. Then made him a place to sleep on the recliner, tilted back just a little. He slept there for about 5 lovely hours.

Anyway... I get to complain a little. My back kills from all that 31 pounds on me for days. My belly is even a bit tender, I think from the extra weight on it of a kid trying to get comfortable. Hopefully, I can get rid of these aches and pains soon.

We spent lots of time trying to convience B that daddy was just as nice to hang on as mommy. Try explaining that to a sick 22mo old!

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