Thursday, October 22, 2009

wedding weekend!

OK, finally some time. :) (lunch break at work)

So my little brother Craig married Sarah this last weekend (yes, she stole my maiden name!). Brady was ring bearer, and I was a highly pregnant bridesmaid. Brady was just adorable in his little tux btw!

So the highlights. Lets start w/ rehersal, there were 2 flower girls, one had a fever. (the area where the wedding was held is overwhelmed w/ h1n1). I couldnt believe that her parents brought her with a fever! She was miserable, it was obvious. We were so angry.

Wedding day... exhausting. B did not make it up the aisle. He ran around the side to the front and got to me that way. Little turkey. But he was still cute. He was craby at that point, so Chris took him to the truck to nap, he was sleeping in seconds.

The priest the couple had been working with was in the hospital, so the deacon from the church married them. It lost that personal touch because it was all so last minute and the deacon didnt know them. But still, the ceremony was nice.

Dinner was great! Dance, oh I wish I could have danced! (I was barely still standing at this point!) they had a great band, and the dance floor was overflowing. We called it a night around 9, and this is were the excitment really starts.

We took along w/ us my 2 neices who were tired. (we were staying at my parents place) Once I got in the truck I noticed some contractions, more like the real deal rather then BH. So, I just noticed the time and monitered it. We got back to the house, and B throws a royal fit while tring to take his tux off. He wanted to sleep!!! In the mean time, the 2 girls start crying because they want thier mom. B wanted me, not his dad to snuggle him back to sleep. Chris couldnt handle the cryng girls. So when I finally got B settled in, I went to the crying girls and tried laying down on the couch while talking sence into them. Some more contractions occur.... I just want to drink water and really lay down and calm them down! Now, one of the girls was crying so hard she was gagging! I fake called thier mom, and left a message. Asked the girls if they remembered how long it took us to drive home, that is at least how long mom had. Separated them (best thing I did was that!) and told them just to close thier eyes and wait. The gagging on fell asleep in a minute. The other was more work. but she gets to sleep, and I get off to bed.

Then, the phone rings.... I can hardly support myself, I miss it. But one of the girls woke up wondering if it was mom. grrr.... it wasnt mom, didnt recognize the number. Got her back to sleep, and me settled again. At that point I had 3 contractions in 1.5 hours.....

Then, someone comes into the house. Here my aunt and uncle, cousin and grandma got locked out of the grandma's house. (they had called too) Lucky for me, Chris could handle this, crying girls- no way! but this... so he went on the quest for a spare key (g-ma rents from my dad) and I stayed in bed.

Chris left me home with the 3 kids, g-ma who is over 90, Uncle, who is mid 70-s I think, and my aunt, who was in the best condition of all- aside from needing an anxiety pill when she got the news that I was having contractions on top of all this. I had no more contractions that night. :)

Finally, last bit of the story. Sunday was the traditional day after party, poprawiny, which is what we polish folks do.... It was nice, because I got to chat w/ family finally! But, my grandma argued with me about the weight I have gained during this pregnancy. Those that know this grandma, probably wont be surprised. But really... I already feel like a buffalo.... do I need to be told that I look like I have gained way more then 14 lbs????


Rebecca said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading all of that! lol I am glad that everything ended up working out! And, for the record, nobody should EVER comment on weight gained during pregnancy....unless they are a medical doctor. Although, you know how those old ladies are. :)

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