Saturday, October 10, 2009

picture time

Above, my massively scary huge belly at 33 weeks. Its just so big. That's all I have to say about it. Brady gets it, he rubs my belly and says Ouch.
Below, Brady w/ Curious George. He loves this money so much lately. Yes, George is wearing a Bum Genius. They dont fit my chunky monkey very well still, and getting Brady to get his diaper changed can be a fight. You see, a huge part of parenting is outsmarting your children. Now that George has a diaper too, all I have to do is ask Brady if George needs his diaper checked- and he goes running to his bedroom and lays down on his back. He checks George's diaper, and I change B's diaper w/out getting kicked. Once we start cloth diapering baby #2 we will have to take back the BG and come up with a new plan.
Wondering why he is sleeping upright on a chair? This kid prefers to go, go, go until he crashes. In his baby book there is a section called "I can sleep anywhere but in my crib".


Sarah R said...

You look cute, Sarah!!! I love your belly. :)

That is so sweet that he snuggles up with a diapered Curious George. We may have to come up with something similar--need to pick up an Elmo doll. Andrew is rotten during diaper changes, and we are about ready to just PT him, but he doesn't seem ready for that either....

Sarah said...

must be a boy thing, not caring if you are running around in poopy pants!