Monday, November 3, 2008

it was cold.

This morning Brady was crying at about 4:45, I usually wake at 5:30. So, I was gonna put him in bed with Chris and I and let him sleep with his daddy after I woke up. (I didnt really want to sit in a rocking chair nursing him for 30 minutes and loose that sleep. As I was walking to our bed I stepped in something! I yelled, AHHH, I JUST STEPPED IN DOG SHIT! Chris flew out of bed (he was sound asleep snoring prior to this), and asked if it was warm or cold. ????????????? I am standing in the dark, with something squished between my toes, and you want to know if it is warm or cold????? I yelled, please take your baby from my arms!

Lights go on, and I learn it is just dog vomit, not shit. Made me feel a little better anyway. Daddy took baby, laughed at me, soon brady was laughing too. I gave dad the choice- stay up for the day and help with baby, or clean up the vomit and go back to sleep. He choose baby. They snuggled in bed and watched me clean it up! Laughing together, giving each other 5's.

There is some movie that chris always quotes "he called the shit poop". I am thinking adam sandler, but not sure. Chris would know. So chris was laughing and saying "she called the puke shit". what a morning. We were all wide awake after this!

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