Wednesday, November 26, 2008

7 UP!

7 up!
7 things I can do...
1. Bake and cook
2. Take a very very fast shower when I have to
3. Obsess about things
4. Sew
5. Clean like a mad woman
6. Grow plants
7. Budget and save $

7 things I can't do...
1. Fix other peoples hair
2. Function with a headache, even a small one
3. Walk by a plant without identifing it
4. Deal with the sight of blood
5. Watch me or someone get a shot
6. Fold underwear (more so WONT do)
7. Have any noise while I sleep

7 things I always say...
1. "Has anybody seen my baby brayden", followed up with a Peek a Boo.
2. Roaring, to hear my brady roar back.
3. "Not for Brady's!", as I head off brady sprinting to the dog food bowls.
4. "Not for Oli's!" as I take a stuffed animal from the dogs mouth.
5. "Don't move! I need a picture of this!"
6. "I'm gonna blog about this!" followed by an evil snicker.
7. Silly songs. I LOVE making up silly songs about everything under the sun and singing them to Brady, Chris, and the dog. Actually... even my co-workers. hahaha

7 things I always eat...
1. Peanut butter (REAL brand of course!) and jam (my homemade of course) sandwiches for my on the go breakfast, always on 12 grain wheat.
2. Coffee. must have coffee
3. Lasagna, chris and I constantly competing for the best pan of lasanga. Mine has 9 noodles, and his is "noodlier" with 12 noodles.
4. Kashi stuff. Love the granola, or Go lean ceral. Ceral bars. They have a mean cookie, Dark chocolate oatmeal. One is a great snack!
5. Trail mix. I love to make my own, because the ones you buy dont have nearly enough chocolate. I can use salt free nuts too in mine, and dried cranberries, and choco covered raisins. My trail mix ROCKS!
6. Banana a day!
6. Apple a day!
7. Steel Cut Oats. On my days off, Brady and I love to have this for breakfast!

7 People I tag...--Anyone who is reading this and/or who has a blog!--

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