Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ladies and Brady's day of shopping

That's what my sister's kids called today. Me and Brady, my mom, my sister and her 2 girls went shopping in Eau Claire today. It was a productive shopping day for me! I had a few missions to accomplish.

#1. A pair of shoes that fit my fat footed cutie pie. The best fitting pair came from Sears, and they are size 5 EXTRA WIDE! lol. Size 5 wide were just not quite right, these fit so nice! There is a little room to grow into too. I hope his fat feet slim down, because shoe shopping for him wasnt fun! Nor cheap!

#2. Snowpants or a snow suit. At Kohls we found a snowsuit! Has attached/not attached mittens, matching hat, and even booties that can be taken off too. It looks so cozy, we are ready to play in the snow now!

#3. More long sleeve onsies. They are working so well for this active 11 month old. It is dang hard to find then in size 18-24 months, but we did at Old Navy, and they were a steal!

#4. Christmas gifts for Brady. Got one! (well, 3 because osme of those onsies will be x-mas gifts) It is a set of music making stuff! Designed for toddlers of course. A drum, rattles, xylophne too! more goodies in there. Double score that it all neatly contains itself in the drum when it is time to put it away. Now my little music lover can be the rock star that he is..... or country music star.... whatever, we flexible.

Dada is due home any minute now. He went hunting. Opening rifle weekend here in WI. He got a doe yesterday (earn a buck territory).

Sounds like someone is rummaging thru my "to be filed box", it is no longer a pile, but now a box. Anyone else have one of those that only gets emptied 2 times a year?

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