Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Success in over night diapering!

We are having success! Basiclly, we are using Brady's cloth diapers.... either a happy hempy with a hemp insert. This requires a cover, and the waterpruf cover was leaking at the top. No matter how much I stuffed it! So I took the leap and tried a wool cover. Yes, I was a total skeptic. It made no sence how wool would absorb, but not wick. And.... that I leave it out to dry during the day and it would be ~clean~ after it dried. (something w/ the lanolin and wool naturally does this) I dont completely understand why, but I am impressed happy. Brady is too. Click here to see our babyology wool diaper soaker. If our single happy hempy is dirty, we have had success using a Bum Genius loaded with hemp inserts.

We also got another Bum Genius cloth diaper. I had wanted one in Clemintine orange, but that orange is rather dull and girlie. So we got the new blue, Moonbeam. Check out the Bum Genius here.

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