Wednesday, November 19, 2008

why is christmas like this?

I am getting un-nerved about christmas. This happens every year. The true meaning of Christmas gets lost behind all the presents. So many people go overboard on gifts too. Christmas seems to be focused on how much you spend on each person for gifts.

For me, ideally christmas would be plenty of time spent with family, a handful of gifts for the children, games and fun, plenty of good food, thoughtful gift-giving, a church service, waking up in your own bed, and lots of smiles. We all live an intense busy life it seems, christmas shouldnt be a chore, we should be kicking back and looking forward to that day.

Knowing what christmas is to me, doesnt make it any easier to change it.

My co-worker Dana is the most thoughtful gift-giver. She is a natural. for my 30th b-day she gave me a simple little gift of scrapbooking stickers. She knows scrapbooking is my relief, and probably spent $5-$10 and made a huge impact on me because she ~knows~ me. All the gifts that she talks about giving to her family and friends make me think "wow, she is so thoughtful".

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