Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Brady is about 10.5 months and is walking! More then a couple random steps, but he is walking clear across the room! It even appears that he is prefering to walk over crawling. Except this morning, when he crawled at lightning speed to the dog bowls.

Daddy calls us every evening to check up on us and see what is happening. I think he misses Little B. He always asks what he is doing, such as giving 5's, so bigs, and all that good stuff. Daddy will be surprised to see him so skilled at walking when he returns.

Have I blogged that as of last week my hours have been cut back? Not sure.... Anyway, I feel so much more human and happy. I'm working M-Th 8-5. (a perk of working seasonally I guess) My whole outlook on things is much better and less stressed. Life isnt feeling so chaotic these days. With Dada gone, I leave at 6:45 (like usual) to drop off brady. But now I have to pick him up to, that is at 6. I really dont have much quality time with Little B on working days, but we have been making up for it on my days off.

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The Ratcliff's said...

wow! thats awesome he is walking. i cant wait for connor to walk.
i added you to my blog list! im glad the new schedule is working out.