Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Things I Don't Quite Get

Employers providing health insurance. I dont understand why THEY are expected to provide health insurance. Think about the small businesses out there...... they cant afford to be competitive with the larger companies. If I wasnt married to Chris, I could never afford to have my job. However this business employs about 30 people, our town needs businesses like this one.

Greeting Cards. Why are they so popular? And why are we mailing a mass produced piece of paper that we simply sign and mail?

Salary Employment. I think people mostly get screwed in this situation. Bosses see it as paying someone to get the work done. Most of the time that is an unrealistic expectation to achieve without putting in extra hours.

Very High Heels. Women, why are we doing this to our feet? Our precious feet!?!

Organics in the US. I could create an entire blog based on this. The US does a horrible job with what thier organic guidelines are. With my Agriculture background I am quite opinionated on this. I think the USDA needs to re-evaluate what deems a product as organic, and in the meantime consumers should look into just how organic the product they are paying so much more for really is. (other countries can do it, why cant we?)

Pesticides labeled as natural. A complete false sence of security (just like organics). There are some natural ingredients that are far more dangerous then something that is not labeled as Natural.

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