Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ears again

Yesterday, later in the day brady developed a high temp. (over 104) Chris said he wasnt lifting his head, and completely not himself. So he took him to urgent care and I met them there. When they got there his temp was about 102. Brady's eyes were gross. They were dripping snot. Dr said he probably has a sinus infection, there is no where else for the snot to go, but out the eyes. lovely. And of course an ear infection. We opted to get an injected antibiotic over an oral one. While we were sitting there waiting, I thought he felt really really warm. They took his temp again, and sure enough, it was high 104's. They gave him motrin, and we stayed until his temp came down. It did. :-)

More later!!!!!!! crabby boy.

OK, dad's home so I can post some more. Brady did ok over night, his fever kept jumping as the pain reliver wore off. We saw Dr. L, and got another antibiotic injection.

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