Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I'm team green, and Chris is team yellow..... so at this point we dont know if it is a boy or a girl. Chris couldnt come with today. But I think I saw a schmeckle!

My OB called. Assured that everything looked good in terms of no reason for bleeding. However they see a bright spot on the heart. He said that is a very mild marker for Downs. So, I am going to keep the Marshfield Clinic in business and go in tomorrow for Quad Screening (which is a blood draw). I am not worried as the tech had a really hard time getting good imiages of the heart because I am just 16 weeks.....

He also suggested I really cut back on lifting as that could really cause more problems with fissures and hemroids. (sarah r., no I havent had any treatment for the fissures besides fiber and stool softners, they really havent helped me either! I had big problems after B was born, and anticipate that again).


Sarah R said...

A schmeckle??? Haha....is that supposed to be a word for what I would call a dangler?


Sarah said...

oh gosh, us WI ppl just cant call it what it is, can we! I like dangler, but in our house it's a schmeckle!