Tuesday, June 9, 2009


TMI alert!!!!

So yesterday after a BM, I had lots of blood on the toilet paper. I have problems with fissures, so this is common- however when I cleaned all up I was still getting lots of blood and I wasnt sure where it was come from exactly. Couple hours later and I was still getting blood, but I was assuming it was the fissures acting up. Anyway, things seeemed weird, so I called my OB. Of course they wanted to see me. They swabbed everything under the sun and found no microscopic traces of blood (now this was about 10 hours later). But to be saf they wanted me to get an u/s. I had that this morning. B2 is beautiful! Lots of stretching, and flexing- very cute.

The placenta is not over the cervix, and there appears to be no blood behind the placenta either.

Still no answer about the blood (I am thinking fissures even though my OB disagrees). But all looks good and healthy baby wise. I have some cute pictures to boot. Just need to find some time to scan them in....


Sarah R said...

Aw, glad everything is okay!!

DH is having major problems with fissures (we think). What have you done for treatment? Does anything really work?

Sarah R said...

Can't wait to see ultrasound pics--did they haev any guesses on gender (I know it's early, but...)