Monday, June 1, 2009

just sit down, and dont do it!

So, I told the bossman today about the 40/wk work weeks. His responce was comical. He asked why I just dont sit down in the garden center and check people out and let my staff do all the physical work. Logical question, right? Extremely not practical though! We are so short staffed, and we are all running around like chickens! Not just me!

Here is the perfect example! Just a couple hours after this meeting, someone came in needing to be loaded with Mulch. I was the only person on the entire property capible of driving the loader. The other person of staff at the GC isnt loader trained, nor will she be, she is just here for the summer. Our transportation is broke down..... so that is usually what I do. What options did I have? No sir, there is no one here to load you- come back again later. Or, me just hiking the 150 yards to the loader and doing it? You guessed it, I picked option 2.

Another great example. Last week 2 full trucks of flowers came in. We had just 2 people on staff, and we went from truck to customers, back and forth for 3 hours! What other option did I have? I asked for help 3 times- no one was available!

So to me.... cutting back to 5, 8 hour days is the best solution. If I am here for 5, 10-12 hour days I wont just be sitting on a stool checking people out. I admit, part of it is me, I am a "get er done" sort of girl. I think having me here refreshed and happy for those 8 hours capible of moving around instead of me being here exhausted for 10-12 hour days is the best option for all of us.

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Sarah R said...

I'm glad you talked to him, and I hope he complies. It's ridiculous that you end up doing everything, while pregnant to boot! I know I couldn't handle 10-12 hour days, and I'm not even pregnant.