Sunday, June 14, 2009

sunday fun for B

It was so hard to come to work today (sunday). Not only is a so nice out, but Chris bought Brady some cool new toys... sort of a 1.5 yr birthday thing. There were some toys we really wanted to get him, and with him being an x-mas baby- we didnt have a better excuse!

So, when Brady finally woke up at 9 (I needed to leave by 9:15!) Chris had his new "little quad" all ready . It is a battery powered 4 wheeler that is the perfect size for brady! He was so excited! huge smiles and giggles as he drove it around the house. We have pictures and video to share sometime.

Chris also got him a sprinkler, and they are going to try that out today since it is so warm.

I had tears on my way to work. I dont want to miss out on these giggles and smiles, and family time too.

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