Friday, June 5, 2009

Our garage project

I didnt care to take the time to reverse the order of the pictures. Grr! So look at them bottom to top!
This is our latest project obsorbing all of Chris's time and just a little of mine. Cant wait to do the landscaping! Last night we put in the soil and created our raised gardens! Brady helped a little of course!


Sarah R said...

Oh awesome--you guys look like you have a nice-sized yard. Well, you saw ours. It's covered in fruit trees (and even more now; he continues to get more trees). Now he has the banana plants out--those actually look really nice. However, there just isn't much room for Andrew to run!

Sarah said...

We love our yard! Now that the garage is up we cant see our neighbors at all! It is spacious and very shaded. so I cant grow the fruit trees that Rob grows- But I am willing to bet he would be jealous of my hosta's! When I get more time I will post some photos! Andrew can come over and run anytime! You do have to watch for Oliver droppings though. :-) That is easily taken care of. ;)

I bet his banana plants are loving it outside- maybe not the last few days- brrrr!