Friday, June 26, 2009

My 18 month old!

Brady turned 18 months of sunday! I forget his height and weight, so I will post that another time. When he got his shots, he was so adorable! He said "oww, oww, oww". didnt even cry! what a toughie! On our way out the door I asked him to say thank you and bye bye.... he shook his head vigorously no. For hours after his shots he kept saying Oww.

Some of his words at 18 months are:
mama: of course! sometimes mom
mum mum- as in num num
bah-ohl, he isnt saying ba-ba anymore, B is really trying to say bottle.
what is that? that is pretty clear, and FREQUENT!
dank you- thank you
dah- duck.
where is it? always with a shoulder shrug and hands upturned.
owwww- any slight injury is a reason for a hug and a kiss!
iss- kiss
ah-lee: trying to say Oliver, his dog. Ollie for short.
woof- barking like a dog.

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Sarah R said...

Sounds like he's doing great! :)