Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How Mom's and Dad's differ: bedtime edition.

Ever since I started working different shifts Brady has been off. Now that my days are 8 hours days. ;-) I either work 7:45-4:30, or 10:30-7:15 So I will be home at 5:30 or 8:00.

Here is how mom's get thier kids to sleep: Eat a nice dinner around 6/6:30. Take a bath, given by daddy the master bath giver. Then snugle up with mommy to watch a movie or t.v show until about 7:30 when mommy asks "want to go night, night?" and kid shakes his head eagerly yes. Kid sleeps till 5:30.

And Daddys version. ((((((Brewer game blazing in the background))))) Rush in from outside around 7, hog down a dinner, slam thru a bath, give kid a bottle and have kid sit on lap while dad watches the Brewers jolting all over the place at all the bad or exciting parts. Kid hops off lap, chases dog, throws toys, empties drawers, and runs around till exhausted and cranky- then forced to go to sleep after the brewer's have the game sealed (9:30/10!). Kid wakes once or twice a night and sleeps like doody.


The Ratcliff's said...

i love reading ur mom vs dad posts!!

Sarah said...

they are so true! I do give the dad's (including your DH, I saw some pictures), the upperhand on baths- the dad's do rock bath time! Otherwise... we win hands down!