Wednesday, March 5, 2008

why cant he multi-task?

Things are a bit overwhelming right now! But I am focusin on the good and taking things day by day. The first week back to work cant go ~great~, now can it? The night before lunches are made, clothes are put out and dinner is planned.

Yesterday morning we did a good job getting out the door on time. I was exhausted becuase Brayden woke ever 1-2 hours all night long! Dad arrived home from daycare at 3:45 and Brayden was sound asleep in his car seat. I got home at 6 and he was still sleeping. Dad just watched TV this whole time! He didnt start dinner, do the laundry, or make the lunches.... he watched TV. I got home, had to ~get the milk~ again, and wash the pumping stuff and bottles- in no time was 7pm. We woke brayden and dad fed him. I prepared lunches and took care of everything else to make tomorrow go smoothly. At 8:30 brayden wanted to eat again, and he fell back asleep after that feeding. I was SO EXHAUSTED, between my cold and lack of sleep I prayed so hard for a good nights sleep. Brayden only waked once to nurse, and then once more an hour later to be rocked back to sleep.

Well, this morning, it all started over again. I woke to an exploding boob as it had not been emptied ofr over 8 hours! So I started pumping. TMI WARNING! TMI! Just as the milk started flowing Brayden woke to eat. But I could not stop pumping because I was spraying milk all over! Dad woke, and brought brayden to me- so I asked him to change his diaper, I needed 3 more minutes. By then the pressure was off and I wasnt spraying anymore. I fed him (dad went back to sleep of course!) and went back to finish pumping my still full boobs. But this time while I pumped I ate breakfast and changed braydens outfit. This is doable, but will take some planning to have everything near by as I can only go as far as my 3' tubes allow me! I still could not get out the door! Dad has been waking 20-30 minutes earlier then usual, but it seems he is taking more time showering and getting ready and really isnt that much help in the morning.

I wish dad's could multitask! He never has been able to, and there is no changing him now! But I do need to sit down and talk to him about how he can help out a bit more before I get really mad.... or die from exhaustion. I dont think that I am asking too much of him.... that if he doesnt want to wake and help in the morning that he helps with things in the evening. Watching 3 hours of tv everynight just isnt gonna happen anymore!

Boobs are impressive! I pumped 32 ounces yesterday! And I fed him before work, after and during the night. wow! this handsfree pumping is working out nicely for me too. I am much happier.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I feel your pain. I have been trying to get Robert to help me at night but 3 years later he is still laying on the couch watching TV. Good luck with talking to Chris.