Wednesday, March 12, 2008

little ~freetime~

it seems my free time to go online and play around (and blog!) is while I am getting the milk at work. Thank god I have figured out how to go hands free, I can relax much more instead of being bored to death hanging onto my pumping peices. It is so crazy for me at home. I only have time to take care of Brayden, help with dinner and dishes, get more milk, and prepare for the next day. If I had anymore time I would use it to sleep some more. I am so exhausted! Thank god Brayden isnt effected by the one cup of coffee I have added to my diet. I would be sleeping on the job without that one little cup of java!

I really dont know how I am going to work my high demand job this spring without dying of pure exhaustion. Currantly I leave for work at 7am, and return home at 6pm. I sleep from 9pm-5am. That doesnt give me much time to do everything I need to do at home to take care the currant day and think of the next. Spring I work 6 days a week, and 5 of them are 10 hour days, 1 day is 8 hours. Guess I can only try, and if a change needs to be made- then so be it.

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