Tuesday, March 25, 2008

so strange

It has been years since I have experienced the death of a family member. My grandparents (mom's parents) are both in the nursing home. Grandpa doesnt have long at all to live (if living is what we can call his currant existance). He is going down hill fast- cancer. And Grandma has no idea about anything. She has alzhiemers (sp). There are not huggy, close people..... so visiting them this weekend, possibly for the last time, was very strange.

I dont know what my mom is feeling, but it has to be so hard to see both your parents like this. They have been going down hill fast for a long time. Now that the end is here, I am sure she is filled with all sorts of emotions.

Even in Grandma and Grandpa's current condition... it was still my grandparents. Grandma had no clue who anyone was, but I could see glimmers of her personality still. Grandpa was in bed, could hardly talk or move, but it was still him talking to me.

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