Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pokie Prince Grandpa

Grandpa passed away yesterday. I dont think he was in alot of pain for too long, that is what we hoped for anyway. The photo is from when we took Brayden to meet grandma and grandpa. Grandpa was still doing quite well, still his sassy self you could say. And Grandma seemed to know how we were, she rocked his car seat with her foot. I still think she looks funny without her teeth in! Grandpa never wore his teeth, he would have looked funny with them! I went to see grandpa one last time over easter weekend, and he was still himself inside- his stories and his sass..... but he was thin and could only whisper. He still ticked when he talked though. He always smacked his lips while talking, since I could remember!

Emily, Jeff, Craig and I called these grandparetns "pokie-prince grandma and grandpa". They had 2 dogs, Pokie and Prince. Grandpa calls me "sarah's boom-boom", from toddler, and embarassingly enough through my teen years and adult days too! I guess when I was a little one I made a "boom boom" sound when I fell. He was full of trucking stories, and was always talking about the indian under the rock by the house I grew up in.

They had a framed photo of the 2 of them at the nursing home. It was from thier prom night, and they both looked beautiful. Grandpa pointed it out to me both times I went there, and he made sure everyone saw it. He really liked that photo of the two of them. I think he is in Heaven in his prom suit, young, healthy and cancer free; waiting for grandma to join him. That is the image I have in my head.


HappyPrego said...

I am so sorry for your family's loss. They look so cute together in that picture. I hope he is in his prom suit too.

Anonymous said...

Well sister, in a few hours we'll be at Grandpa's funeral. I loved reading this - of course I'm full of tears. I am going to really miss him. He was such a fun guy and I am greatful that my children have been able to enjoy time with him.