Friday, March 7, 2008

is this my life?

My life is so different then it has ever been, I am so different too. I never imagined I would be one to do the breastfeeding working mom thing..... but Brady is doing so well on breastmilk that I hate to change that right now. My mind is so consumed by my milk supply. LOL. Crazy!!! Working with so many men, and washing up my pumping supplies- LMAO! The looks they give while looking at the parts and peices, priceless!

I always said I needed at least 7 hours of uninterupted sleep to survive. Nope, I dont. While I do say I can hardly survive or even like myself unless I get at least 3.5 hours of straight uninterupted sleep at some point in the night. I can deal with 6 hours of broken sleep if I have too... just let me have at least a 3.5 hour stretch in there please! Those nights of waking every 1-2 hours made me a zombie! Dont get me wrong, I would 1 nice night of sleep.... dream come true!

I really dont care that my floor has only been washed once since Brayden was born. Just dont get enough sleep to find the time to care about that yet! We can get the dishes and laundry done easily.... and counters, sinks and toilets are easy enough for us to keep clean too. Just that dang floor!

I never thought I would feel this good about taking my child to daycare! He is doing so incredibly well there. They love him, he is loving them... kids and adults! He fell perfectly into his own routine. He eats and sleeps about the same times both there and at home. They spend more time playing with him and providing stimulation then I can.... they are 100% there for the kids... they dont have to worry about the dishes, laundry and dirty sinks. He enjoys the other children interacting with him too. They love to bring him toys. He is the only baby there, that makes me feel good too.

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