Friday, September 4, 2009

what's your opinion?

This is quite approriate for Labor day weekend. What is your opinion on paycuts and furloughs? some companies are taking the route that there are pay cuts, but no changes in the hours people are working. Others are going the route of furlough days- so they are telling thier employees to take off so many days in the year, so in the end it is similar to a pay cut however they are getting these days off unpaid.

What's your thoughts? What is your background? employee, employer. family business, small company, large company, union...


Sarah R said...

I'm cool with furloughs because I love time off, paid or unpaid.

I work for a nursing home. We have approximately 160 total employees. We do not have furloughs, but nursing hours are based on census (that's the number of residents in the nursing home at any given time).

My hours always remain the same and wouldn't change unless our census dropped really low.

Kaci said...

I was coming by from Sarah R's blog to thank you for the input on the diapers. (Do you by any chance sell what you make? I think you can reply to me via email if you do, I love to support other moms.) I figured I'd also chime in with my input on paycut vs furlough even though I'm a SAHM now.

I would much prefer extra time off unpaid than a pay cut. Hubby actually has the option to "buy" vacation time from his company and he buys at least an extra week every year. Same general idea as furlough but it's his choice. If faced with the choice of pay cuts across the board or layoffs though, I'd go with pay cuts, as long as everyone employed is contributing.