Monday, September 14, 2009


It is my blog, so I will vent if I want too!

I always thought I had a pretty clear image of what we could afford and that Chris and I were on the same page with spending. We have a comfortable savings, and we basically buy what we want within reason. Both of us arent big spenders, so it has worked well for 6 years now.

So, this garage that we have been building since early spring- yeah. Chris wanted some new shop tools- such as a table saw that new was going to be over $3000. So I turned him onto Craigs list thinking he could pick that up for less. He found a guy getting a divorce and wanting to get the heck out of here selling his entire workshop. Chris checked it out, said it was a screaming deal- I trust him on that- he was bound and determined to make an offer. Sure I could have fought this and said Hell No- but I didnt. It seems important to him, so we discussed it, and I went along with him. Now, I am the co-owner of a shop full of power tools that would make most people (including tech ed departments at schools) jealous. I decided that I would just deal with my 2 door car, no payment on it is fabulous! These tools cost us just a couple grand less then what my budget is for a used 4-door car.

I really dont know how I feel about this. All along we have said we cant afford for me to go part time. To make things hurtful, my husband doesnt think before he speaks and always throws in the comment that I just dont want to work and be lazy. We dont go on trips, we just dont spend money in general. So, add all of that to this big tool purchase and I really cant help but be a little sour. So, what can we afford? Do we have more disposible money then I thought? Why is this a bigger value then me working less and being more hands on with raising our kids?

So, I was a sour puss to him this weekend. My new line when we talk about buying something or affording something is "sell a tool!".

To top off all of this was last night. Chris just doesnt think sometimes! He decided at 7pm that we (him and his 30wk prego wife) were going to do the blow in insulation in his garage. At 7pm he decided this, bought the stuff and rented the blower!! On a sunday! WTF? His plan for brady, he could play outside while we worked?????????????? I thought that was rediculous, and started thinking of someone that could take care of him while we do this project. Luckily my old neighbor rachel was in her car before I even finished asking her if she could do it! I so owe rachel! Her and B played for a bit, and she had him in bed an hour later. She was able to leave by 9. Anyway.... 10:30 at night we called it a night, only got 1/3 of the insulation done. My 30 week prego body KILLS today. you name it, it hurts. Bad. On top of it, I am extrememly crabby about the whole situation. I go to bed by 9 usually, and my body is no longer made for standing next to an insulation grinder machine and fulling it for 2.5 hours.

I told chris this morning, that he best be planning a very thoughtful birthday present.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! You win the prize for the Most Thoughtful Husband this weekend? hahaha Is it even safe to be around insulation in your condition? Pregnant and with allergies????

I love how men plan jobs but don't think about all the logistics. Good luck with Chris.


Sarah said...

I'm so lucky, he bought me a mask. This is a natural/green insulation- there were no warnings on the bags at all indicating it would be bad for me to help. So I feel it was safe for me to help in regards to the type of insulation it was.

However, I was squeezed in the back of a truck, and scared I would fall out of the back of the truck.

Sarah R said...

I think the situation sucks. :(

I'm sorry, Sarah. I don't have any advice, just sympathy!