Thursday, September 10, 2009

Anxiety and Allergies

As you may remember, I chose to remain on my depression/anxiety medication thru this pregnancy. I had such severe PPD w/ Brady, and between the doctors (pshych, OB and pedi) we all agreed the benefits of the medications outweigh the risks.

Up until the last couple weeks I have been doing fabulous! When I see my Pshych dr I fill out this form and it gets scored. For 3 months I scored perfectly (which is rare and awesome! but I decided the planned course was still the way to go), last month I did just a little worse, but felt I could manage my symptoms, and today I scored even worse. Not horrible bad, but very bad on the anxiety side of things. Today my dr (Dr. Shah at Marshfield Clinic, who I highly reccommend to women!!!) wasnt available, I have always seen her, she has to be the best Dr. I have ever seen in terms of taking the time to tell me the pros and cons of things, giving me her honest opinion when I ask, just all around great. So I saw her PA, she basically took down my information, and was going to have Dr. Shah contact me later today. No problem, I'll work with it.

The PA pulled up my records and noticed that between Sept. 5 and Sept 15 for the past 3 years I have been complaining of increased anxiety. also, that is the time frame I have started Zertec for allergies. I have been on zertec for years for fall allergies and the thought has never crossed my mind that there could be a relation between the two.

Starting last thursday I have been way short of breath (read post below). At this point I was already feeling some anxiety too. Tuesday I started the allergy meds and started breathing better, but my anxiety has been way high. So, the plan is to go off the allergy meds, not increase the meds for anxiety just yet, and find a way to breath better. First Im trying benedryl, hoping that wont make me too tired. If that doesnt help, then we'll try something new.

In the meantime, it will feel like I live at the clinic. Every 2 weeks for OB, every 2 weeks for phsych. In the meantime I have a derm appointment too. More then likely, at the end of this pregnancy I will be going every week for both departments.


Sarah R said...

I hope that's what it is and they can figure something else out for you!

That is yet another thing you have in common with my hubby, besides your zest for gardening--fall allergies (for him, it's ragweed).

We need to arrange a get-together again soon! :)

Anonymous said...

I am glad you may have found this connection. Sometimes I think just realizing the coincidence can ease the anxiety a little knowing that it's something that can be sorted out.

Good Luck!