Sunday, September 27, 2009

My 31st birthday weekend

Brayden's bed is completed! This was one of my beds growing up. My parents bought it when I was about 2, it's a set of bunk beds. (not bunking them till Brady is much older!) We sanded them down and stained them. It's oak and they are SO sturdy! BTW, that is duck duck sleepting with Brady. He loves his duck duck!

Happy birthday to me! My boys took me out for dinner for my birthday. They also got me a pedicure and manicure, they were extra nice and sweet to me all weekend long too.
We went to Down on the Farm this morning while it was still gorgeous out. Brady loved the ducks, chickens, donkeys and horses. I could not get him to take his eyes off the animals to take a nice pictures. He got to feed the ducks and chickens too! He loved that! B thought the little gourds were pretty neat too. He was such an angel this weekend, a total delight.
Finally, we got our recalled crib returned to Shopko. It wasnt a pain, just time consuming. Soon Chris should be able to start building the new crib. I can just hear it, 15 years from now. Brady to sibling: "I had to sleep in a crib that was recalled because it was so unsafe! and dad built yours by hand!" LOL. We will make sure Brady gets something special built from his dad.


Anonymous said...

My brother made our crib as one of his shop projects in high school. It is so beautiful knowing that he made it for his future nieces. I know I will probably be done having children by the time he has kids but I don't know if I will be able to part with it. A crib is really something special. You are so lucky your husband is so handy that way.


Anonymous said...

BTW Happy Birthday!!!


Sarah R said...

Glad you had a nice weekend! I am going to have to see if there is some kind of a petting farm we can take Andrew to. He loves animals and would freak! :)

I am glad you got your crib looks like you don't really need it for how well Brady is doing in his bed (of that I am jealous).