Wednesday, September 16, 2009

30 week appointment update

gotta make this quick, we are running late this morning! (but that is nothing new!)

In the last 1.5 weeks or so I have become quite uncomfortable and just full feeling. Also very stretched out feeling too. At each appointment the nurse takes a measurement from the top of my pelvic bone to the top of my uterus. That number is usually the same or very close to the number of weeks you are. So at 26 weeks, I was 26cm. At 30 weeks I was 32. That probably explains why I feel like I got big fast, because I did- ouch!

My belly button hurts too. Just in the last couple days. Can hardly touch it. I might have a hernia. fabulous. Nurse asked if I needed a Doctors note for work to dake it easy, I told her I need a husband note instead. My boss is fabulous, and would probably yell at my husband if he knew what Chris had me doing sunday night.


Anonymous said...

I feel for you. I started creeping ahead of the game around 30 weeks too..I think by 38 I was 42! You're in the final stretch though!

Anonymous said...

I like this idea of a husband might be on to something!