Wednesday, December 9, 2009


wow, we got lots of snow last night and blizzard warnings till tomorrow morning I think. We're talking about 8" and it is still coming down. It was so beautiful, being the first snowfall, everything was evenly covered and there were no tracks or snowhills in it. Now there is dog pee and snow hills. Still pretty, but that calmness this a.m. was awesome!

Brady was so excited about the snow! "What's that!?" running with his stool between windows. The little bugger ran outside while I was nursing parker! He ran around the side of that garage and made it at least 20 feet into the snow, he was laughing and screaming (delightful screams). Me, the bad mom, couldnt help but laugh with him when I scooped him up to haul him back inside. Thank goodness he already had his shoes on and a sweat shirt! Brady went to daycare today (family, in home daycare, not a center). I am sure they will go outside today, hope so anyway, he is so excited and if he stayed home w/ me he wouldnt get to go outside.


Sarah R said...

Haha, that is so cute! Andrew loves the snow as well. He was eating it last night and Rob had to go out and grab another scoop for him. Silly boy!

By the way, you can take down your pregnancy ticker now. ;)

Anonymous said...

Aw! I'm jealous of the nice snowfall. We have snow already but it is so freakin cold this week. I think the last time I looked it said -18. The positive is that I don't have to go outside today since I am at home with a sick baby Kenley (the negative):(

By the way, you sound so happy after this pregnancy. I'm so happy for you and Chris. And I am so glad you decided to continue with your meds.