Friday, December 4, 2009

Parker's check-up

today we had Parker's 2-week checkup. (technically sunday he will be 2 weeks, but I think all doctors go on vacation at this time of the year.) He weighs 7lb 10.5 ounces, so that is an 8 ounce weight gain since leaving the hospital 9 days ago. :) and he is 21" long. Everything is checking out well. Scheduled a hearing test since he failed his at the hospital. We arent worried though, he gets startled from noises easily. But, might as well go thru with the hearing test anyway.

His skin is very... pealing... Not that it is dry- it is beautiful healthy skin underneath the layer of skin that is flaking away. Dr. said this is normal too, and once he looses this outside layer he should be fine. Interesting thing is that his face is perfect, and we have never oiled or lotioned his face- yet the rest of him is shedding. We have been using baby oil for a week, but are trying Eucerin(sp) per the dr.'s suggestion.

Got permission not to wake him at night for a feeding! I have had to do that just a couple times now, since he hadnt gained anything at the hospital. (if he slept over 5-6 hours I woke him to eat- so very strange after a kid like B!) Guess I havent really talked about Parker, have I? He is a sleeper! Sleeps all night. Down for the night around 7, wakes for 3-4 feedings most nights and up around 8. (B was up every 2 hours or more to eat for at least 8 weeks, never slept in his crib, cried lots, had to be held lots) Chris and I laugh that Parker has already slept more in his crib at 2wks old then B ever did! Parker is consoled by a paci (I was B's paci). Parker is a natural at nursing, I keep thinking that it would have been a shame for a nurser like him to be born to a non-nursing mom. He's such a pro we are already nursing hands free! So, such a different experience from the first time around.

Brady is adjusting slowly. Jealous. But we are working with him.

Well, the boys are calling me- we are having a family movie night. Night at the Museum 2, smithsonium.


The Ratcliff's said...

aaahhhh a house full of boys! sounds like the second time around is much easier!

Sarah R said...

Hey, I am glad he is doing so well! It really is true that your babies can be complete opposites. :)