Monday, December 7, 2009

getting on the same page

life has been a bit chaotic in the last month. I think it started when Chris went hunting for a week when I was 38 wks, he disagrees. Funny thing is, here I am 2 weeks past surgery and I feel better physically then I did at 38-40 weeks.

So starting about then, I got pretty slack with Brady. I was too tired, and things just hurt. If he was doing something he shouldnt have done, I didnt bother with it unless it was something dangerous. (dad was barely around those 2 weeks to do anything too). I'd fall asleep in his bed, or he would fall asleep in mine. I'm telling you, I was worn down!

So Chris and I set the ground rules this weekend. Nothing new, but just that we gotta work on B's attitude and behavior for the sanity of the house. We did see some improvement over the weekend, there were some major tantrums too. but I think in a week or so he should be shaped up.


Sarah R said...

Sounds like you have a handle on things. :)

Anonymous said...

A new baby always brings changes. Baby #1 can be a perfect angel and then a little devil in the same hour. We didn't have problems with Avery right away when Kenley was born but by month 2, watch out.