Friday, June 6, 2008

jumper and getting thru the nights

Brayden loves his door way jumper! He has ablast in it, and giggles, and jumps so high! It is precious! Thanks to his cousins for giving him thier's! (they are too big for it).

He is just about sitting up unsupported! He loves to eat too, these days it's sweet potatoes.

The last couple nights Brayden has been just a bear. We wonder if he is teething? Pretty cranky and waking often (not last night, but the two nights before). When he is like that at night, I just put him in bed with me (spare room, chris sleeps too hard! I sleep light) and we side-lay to nurse. He sleeps, and I sleep and we both wake up happier (I feel like a momma cat) How did non-nurser's deal with these hard nights? I would be a maniac if we couldn't side lay nurse.


The Ratcliff's said...

i nursed connor for 6 weeks until my hungry little guy needed more than my supply and since we've had our share of non-nursed rough nights. i adjusted i suppose as we adjust to each new phase. but now he's a 10hr a night sleeper. gotta love it!

Sarah said...

arg... 10 hours! I got one night of a 7.5 hour stretch that I am ~glowing~ about still. Sleep is still not my norm. Brady and I are jealous of you and connor!