Thursday, June 19, 2008

the mom swimsuit

So I havent purchased a new swimsuit in years. I have even been swimming in years! Probably 2 years? Since then I have gained a total of probably 60 lbs (sure, 45 of those were pregnancy pounds and I have lost all but 7 of those- but my body is so not what it was 2 years ago! Those suits dont fit, and I would feel so uncomfortable in a 2 piece suit. C-sections leave this flap of skin..... pregnancy leaves a loose tummy.... my skin cancer scare leaves me freaked out and an avid sunscreen wearer- so I am mega white!

Anyway.... I plan to swim maybe 3 times a year now that I have a baby. and I dont plan to bake in the sun. So I bought asuit yesterday that I feel comfortable wearing in public. It is one piece with a skirt attached. Actually somewhat flattering, hiding my flap, flab and scarey theighs. If I were going to swim more then that, I would invest in a really nice suit that you buy by the cup size- more of a custom fit- that would be over 3 times what I paid for the suit I got yesterday.

I showed it to chris- he said it is such a ~mom swimsuit~ and he would rather my show my flap and flab and wear a 2 peice then wear a one peice with a skirt. We laughed a lot about that, then he accused brayden of ruining me. But agreed it was worth it because Brayden is so cute.

I am keeping the mom swimsuit, and have plans to take my baby swimming for the first time over july 4th weekend! I think he will love it.

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