Monday, June 23, 2008

my first weekend off in ages!

the weekend was fabulous! Chris and I had date night friday- that was a blast. Brayden slept well finally for 2 nights in a row- so I was rested. Saturday Brayden and I did some shopping, and we tried out our shooping cart cover and harness. he really liked being upright and able to see everything. He did so well! Then we hung out with friends and played Wii!

Yesterday we went to visit Chris's parents, and saw his grandparents just a little too.

We had plenty of time to chat on our drive. We talked alot about my PPD and how I am changed. We both agree that Bfing saved me from being any worse then I was (because I was bound and determined to be successful at bfing). Helped us to bond and fall in love too. If I didnt have to care for Brayden every 2 hours by feeding him, then I think I would have holed up and just slept..... there were a couple moments I was so overwhelmed I thought about just leaving- but stayed because Brayden needed my milk. I think it is so sad that a new baby is ~supposed~ to be the best time of your life, and for me it was my absolute worst time of my life. Chris and I talked about how Brayden might have been affected by how depressed I was at that point in his life. Chris thinks because of Bfing Brayden loves his mommy the most, and shows me so much love that no one else gets (at least to the degree that I do). I dont wish any level of PPD onto anyone!

Chris took me to see a couple wonderful trees in WR. One was the 3rd largest Sycamore in the state of WI! The other was the biggest Gingko I have ever seen. Both beautiful trees. Ahh, he knows that the way to my heart is thru the trees and plants!

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