Tuesday, June 24, 2008

6 month appointment

Brayden had his 6 month check-up and shots today. He weighs 18lbs and 13 oz, and is 27" long. 75th percentile for weight and 75-90th for height. He tried eating the paper covering on the table, Dr. L's tie, his ear checker thingy, and mom's collar. He did great getting his shots too, as good as you can be for getting 6 shots in 2 legs!

daddy was concerned that brayden doesnt respond to his name being called. The dr said not to worry about that until a year, but he may respond as early as 9 months. He can have water, but doesnt HAVE to have it. There is no limit to the amt of water he can have a day.

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The Ratcliff's said...

how exciting!! we have connor's appt on friday. im curious about his stats. are you starting baby food?