Sunday, July 6, 2008

our july 4th weekend

we had a great family weekend! I had thursday-saturday off. Chris had friday-sunday off.

Thursday evening we had dinner with friends that have an almost 8 month old, Devin. So cute watching the 2 babies play together!

Friday, the 4th of July I unsuccessfully slept in (Daddy and Brady were making way too much noise). Brayden took a 4 hour nap! I took 2 short ones, and dad took 1 nap. Then we went to the Swen's for a party. Brady got to go swimming for the first time ever! He really enjoyed it, and did so well. We then took him to the city fireworks. He was a little tired, rubbing his eyes, but he stared into the sky watching them. I think he enjoyed them.

Saturday we went to the Biegel family reunion. We surprised Chris's parents. We made a last minute decision to go, we all had fun and Brady did so well. We shared with Brady's "grandma that boils me", that we gave her that nickname (fondly!). Chris came up with that nickname because Grandma is always bundling him up worried that he is cold. He is a hot baby, and likes to be kept cool.

Our family really needed this nice weekend together. I jokingly said to Jen today (here at work, and she is about 32 weeks prego!) that I think I took a double dose of Zoloft because I am so happy today. Maybe more time with my family is just what I need to be happy?

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The Ratcliff's said...

yay for happiness!!!