Monday, July 7, 2008

my morning

Chris locked his keys in his truck at work this morning. So, on my way to work I was gonna drop off his spare keys. I set them just behind the steering wheel to remind myself not to forget them. They fell down into the steerwheel column! He got them out, but I was 45 minutes late for work.

I am paying bills today, and hoping to balance my check book. I have not had the time to balance my check book in over 3 months. We just keep putting $$$ in it, we arent going to bounce a check, but I need to get the account under control! This is so not like me. I normally balance the check book every 2 weeks.

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The Ratcliff's said...

its amazing how much the regular things we were 'good at' when it came to wifely duties pre baby are not even a priority. its a chore to keep up my check book too!