Monday, July 21, 2008

the next 3 days

Yesterday while I worked, Brady spent the day with his cousins Olivia and Lydia (and Aunt Stacia and Uncle Neil too). Sounds like they had a good day together, and Brady took a special liking to Uncle Neil. After work I picked him up and we drove to my parents house. Of course I was hungry and thirsty. ;-) (during college dad always said I came home to eat thier food and drink thier beer)

Today. tomorrow, and half of wednesday Brady and I are hanging out with Jason, Breanna and Taylor. It is 9:15, and they are begging to go swimming. We hope to go to the park and play, go to visit Grandma Rose, and do some other fun summer things.

I took one extra day off. Because of working this last weekend and next weekend, I already have today and tomorrow off. But with traveling with a 7 month old, an extra day is needed. I need this break from work, it is just getting to me. I relate seasonal work to being bi-polar. It is extremes- work your ass off an d have no life for a good portion of the year, and the other portion hardly work and get a life. Why didnt I think of this seasonal issue before I went to school for Horticulture?

I best go check on Jay-haug an Tay-haug, they are feeding the horses because I said they could go swimming after thier chores are done. I am sure they are racing thru.

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