Monday, May 25, 2009

oh what to do

About work of course. I'm not exactly happy. I have to work so many weekends that it is hard for me to have any family time. Also, over half of my shifts are closing so I dont get home until after 8pm. Night time routine is messed and B isnt sleeping well.

This, combined with other things to do with my job are causing extra stress on my marriage. I cant just leave when my shift is over. I'm manager and often there are things that just need to get finished up before I leave. This makes Chris mad. And of course all the weekends I work make him mad too.

Obviously I want to be fair to work too. My heart really isnt in this job anymore. I am not that person that goes the extra hundred miles for her job, I am just doing what I have to do to get the job done and get home to where my heart really is.

To top it all off, this has been the most stressful year that I have ever had. (and this is my 6th season) We are too lean! I am no longer into manual labor sort of work and that is what most of my days consist of because there is no one else to haul things around. 30yo, pregnant mommy.... just isnt working for me anymore. It is too exhausting.

I really hate making this sort of decisions. I used to LOVE my job. I think that is why it is so hard to decide what to do. I think I would be an excellent SAHM too.


Anonymous said...

Kind of sounds like you know what you want, you just want some encouragement. Go for it!!


Anonymous said...

You can always start your own side/consulting business. I need some landscaping/plant advice.


Sarah R said...

My honest opinion is that you either need to be a SAHM or find a new line of work with regular 8-4 M-F hours. You are pushing yourself too hard and it's taking a huge toll on your personal life. What's the point of working if you're not enjoying it anymore? Do we work ourselves to the grave?

Your work sounds really stressful to me, and I know I wouldn't have put up with it for as long as you have. You're a strong woman, that's for sure. I'm sure your work is very lucky to have you, but it does sound like they're taking you for granted.

The Ratcliff's said...

i am so in the same boat as you. minus the manual labor about my job, its just the constant nagging of 'the man'. if i could quit tomorrow i'd gladly do it. i have to wait until next april to do anything. my advice: if you guys can swing it being a SAHM do it. you only have 1 chance to raise ur kids. u can always go back into the work force when they start school. thats my plan. i hope it all works out for you! its so hard to juggle ALL of what life offers.