Friday, May 15, 2009

cause and effect

Brady is so interesting lately! He will purposely hit me or his daddy so then he can give us a hug and a kiss. He will spill some milk on the floor so he can get a towel out and clean it. He will even spill Olivers water dish so he can clean it up! He will dump out the laundry basket so he can put the clothes back into it.

His little brain is constantly spinning!

Brady has some pretty cute words that he is obsessed with. Socks. He loves to bring you socks, take them off, carry them around. It is quite cute. Duck is another. Very cute! However chickens are ducks to him right now. :-) Outside. That has to be a favorite word! And his favorite place to be. Lucky for him he will spend lots of time outside this summer since his daddy is building a garage.

Other exciting news- I have been feeling better and a bit less tired. :-) Still pooped often and love to sleep any chance I get- but not nearly as exhausted as I had been. I also think I have felt the baby move a couple times. Not sure if that is possible at just over 12 weeks.... but..... I really think I did. I will continue to moniter the situation. :-)

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