Tuesday, May 5, 2009

first doctors appointment!

I went in for my first visit yesterday, work has been busy so not many people have gotten updates- sorry!

It was long, it was the history/intake... that good stuff. Heard the heartbeat, it was 160 bpm. That was the highlight! We are not sure on the dating, the typical calander chart says my EDD is 11/21, but I disagree and think it is 11/26-11/28. Nursing thru off my cycle, so things just dont add up to me and to the Dr. So monday will be an ultra sound to hopefully get a bit closer.

My Dr. encourages a VBAC- (vaginal birth after cesarian). I was very surprised, most clinic/hospitals discourage it, some dont even allow it. So now I need to ponder that. I am also still taking my anti-depressant, it is safe in early pg, but there are some risks later in pg, so that is one more thing I am pondering.

I like my new Dr. My last one was a "rent a doc", so I had to get a new one. He seems good, we seem like a good fit.


Anonymous said...

I was on anti-depressants through both of my pregnancies and through breast feeding. Talk with your doctor, I'm sure you can find one that is acceptable to both of you.


Sarah R said...

Yay for hearing the heartbeat! I had no doubt everything was giong just fine for you. :) I am glad your doctor supports a VBAC!