Monday, January 14, 2008

reply to Amanda!

Interesting that my friend Amanda had this to say in a comment: I hope you don't think bad of me or get mad at me for saying this but thank goodness to know you are human. While you were pregnant you were like superwoman, getting everything organized and cleaned. Babies are a wonderful great joy to have, but life is not always perfect with them and as a mother (parent) you learn to be a little more flexible and let some things go because no matter how well you plan or prepare, kids have a mind of their own. I'm glad you have gotten the help you need. I've come to the conclusion that at some time in their lives all women have trouble or struggle with depression of some sort. If it wasn't enough that we are already the stronger sex . . . Amanda

No, I am not offended at all! Actually, right now I consider the biggest thing working against me is my need to have a plan for everything I do! I have always been a person with a plan, and have gotten upset when my plan doesnt work out. Through out this pregnancy I told myself that life wont be like that anymore! Each day with a new baby helps it sink in even further! Baby first, me second, everything else if I have time.

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Anonymous said...

This is exactly how I used to be if you remember -- if I didn't know what and when and where I would go nuts! Things get a LITTLE better when the kids are older and in school b/c then you know when they have scouts or dance or whatever as things are "planned". I was happy to see that you said baby first, me second and everything else if there's time. Keep it that way and don't forget to have time for yourself! I did and look at me -- struggling to change my ways after 8 yrs of not taking care of myself and putting everyone and everything before me.

As for's 6:45am, the kids SHOULD be getting dressed by this time. :) Gotta get them moving!